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Planning your first visit
Initial appointment includes a 60-90 minute consultation and examination. Your medical history forms will be thoroughly reviewed, along with assessing symptoms, causes and potential options for treatment. Usually, blood work is ordered during an initial visit.

Appointment policies
Appointment Cancellations: If you cannot keep the appointment, please call or email us at least two business days in advance to avoid charges. Late cancellation fees apply if less than two business days’ notice is provided. For example, patients must contact us by 6 p.m. on Thursday to avoid late cancellation fees for appointments on the following Monday. The late cancelation fee and no-show fee is 100% of the normal service fee.

Services are payable by the patient, not insurance. Holgistic accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards as well as Health Savings Accounts.

All services provided are clearly listed and patients are fully aware of the costs for each service, treatment or procedure. Payment is expected when appointment is made.

Ways to save
Healthcare tools like patient deductibles and health saving accounts shouldn’t be used solely to recover from disease. Put them to work to secure your future health instead.

In addition, although Holgistic does not bill insurance companies directly, our office professionals can provide forms and information for patients to submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.


  • Functional medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Naturopathic medicine
Initial visit60-120 minutes$450
Follow-up 45-60 minutes$350
Follow-up 30-45 minutes$275
Follow-up 15-30 minutes$225
Follow-up brief10-15 minutes$100
Phone/Skype initial consultation60-120 minutes$450
Phone/Skype follow-up45-60 minutes$350
Phone/Skype follow-up30-45 minutes$275
Phone/Skype follow-up15-30 minutes$225
Phone/Skype follow-up10-15 minutes$100
Exclusive medical records review$200


Starter Package60-90 minutes$150
Base Level Package60-90 minutes$250
Next Step Package60-90 minutes$350
Detox Now Package60-90 minutes$350
Micronutrient Analysis Package60-90 minutes$550
Professional Athlete Package75-100 minutes$750
Follow-up (after package use)30 minutes$30
Food Tracking (out of package)Per month$80


Initial visit75-90 minutes$150
Follow-up45-60 minutes$90
Community (per person, min. 6)45-60 minutes$45

Medical Massage

Customized Massage85 minutes$135
Customized Massage60-75 minutes$125
Customized Massage55 minutes$80
Packages: 3 treatments (after initial), save $5045 minutes ea.$220
Packages: 6 treatments (after initial), save $10045 minutes ea.$440

IV Therapy and Injections

Fee depends on ingredients30-75 minutes$50-$400

Thermo-Imaging & Cold Laser Therapy

Thermo-imaging One session (report included)30 minutes$300
THOR (point treatment)Initial visit30 minutes$100
1-5 additional treatments15 minutes ea.$65 ea.
6 and more additional treatments15 minutes ea.$55 ea.
NovoTHOR (full body treatment)1-5 treatments15 minutes ea.$85 ea.
6 and more treatments15 minutes ea.$75 ea.

Blood Drawing

Patient pays for drawing blood, and patient’s insurance for lab work$35 ea.

Herbal Apothecary

Consultation with herbalist
Initial visit (new patient)45 minutes$150
Follow-up visit20-30 min$65
Phone calls20-30 min$65