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Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition fuels the body and when you’re eating right, it impacts you inside and out. Inside, your body is able to naturally detoxify itself and muscles, bones and organs get what they need to keep you strong and healthy.

Good nutrition and functional foods combat the aging process and keep you looking and feeling younger.

At Holgistic, we help our patients play an active and educated role in reclaiming their health. Our registered functional dietitian will base consultation on physician’s recommendation, diagnosis, blood work and life style, and then recommend individualized food meal planning, coach and counsel until physical and emotional symptoms subside.

Everyone has a starting line in which they can make the choice to improve their health and well being. Bri embraces this concept and designs lifestyle patterns to help each individual function optimally. From autoimmune disorders to the elite athlete, she takes the time to develop a plan that works for you.