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Briana Greenlee

Briana Greenlee is a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in autoimmune disorders, eating behavior, digestive health, cellular recovery and kitchen readiness. She received an Associate of Arts from the Culinary Institute of America as well as a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, where she graduated cum laude with a triple concentration in food science, dietetics and nutritional sciences.
Working in the integrative and personalized nutrition field, her passion is understanding human body biochemistry and how it interrelates with food for optimal health.
Noting that no one wants to live on chicken and broccoli, Greenlee takes a realistic approach to dietetics and focuses on real food for real people. Her coaching reflects that philosophy, emphasizing how better health comes with knowing daily habits and tendencies.

After reviewing standard health measurements and using tools like metabolic, genomic, micronutrient and digestive health testing, she creates customized nutritional programs. These are carefully crafted regimens tailored to each client’s strengths and weaknesses.

To assist clients in achieving their goals, Greenlee offers subscription based monitoring, personalized meal plans and recipes, grocery store navigation and travel nutrition. She also provides delivered chef-prepared meals designed to fit within nutrition programs on a limited basis.

Greenlee is a certified specialist in sports dietetics and metabolic efficiency training specialist level 1 health medical professional.