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Dr. Victoria Modica

Dr. Victoria Modica is licensed Naturopathic physician. She specializes in chronic digestive disorders and is expert in the holistic prevention, management, and, when possible, reversal of diseases such as heart disease and cholesterol issues, metabolic diseases like pre-diabetes, diabetes, and PCOS, bone diseases like osteopenia, and brain/cognitive diseases like Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. She is experienced in the adjunctive care of patients receiving conventional cancer care and will work with you and your primary oncologist to support your health through treatment and reduce side-effects.

Dr. Modica sees you as a unique individual and personalizes an approach to your health based on your goals. As such she will use your detailed health history, standard and detailed functional lab data as well as info about the stresses that impact your health and life to build a strategy with you. She specializes in the use of safe, gentle, and effective remedies to alleviate symptoms and support your health and healing. She leans heavily on education, testing, nutrition, specialized diets, hydrotherapy, herbs, and supplements as her main tools. Importantly, she can integrate these treatments so they do not interfere with your conventional medical care and will happily work with your primary care provider (PCP) or specialist.

Her overarching goal is to provide a safe healing space for anyone seeking holistic health consultations and who may have felt underserved or even discriminated against by the conventional health system and one-size-fits-all medicine. In particular, she is an advocate for HAES®, the Health At Every Size approach which promotes “balanced eating, life-enhancing physical activity, and respect for the diversity of body shapes and sizes” and will promote your health and quality of life without obsessing over the scale.

Dr. Modica is from Ann Arbor and has lived coast to coast. She did her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan earning a high honors degree in Cellular and Molecular biology. She later attended Bastyr University in Seattle, a Naturopathic Medical School and the world’s leading accredited university in the natural health sciences, and earned a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She worked in the Seattle area as a primary care physician specializing in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer working alongside and training with Naturopathic and Conventional oncologists at Red Cedar Wellness Center and Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center in the Seattle area. She holds a medical license in Washington state and is looking forward to obtaining one in Michigan as soon as they are available!