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Concierge Programs

We offer concierge programs for brain health, cardiovascular problems, digestive issues, and diabetes. These conditions are very debilitating, not just for the affected person, but also for the family taking care of that person. Because of the complexity of the brain health and mentioned chronic diseases, we have put together a concierge programs that address the attention to detail that is needed in the first 6 months of treatment: quick access to the physician, consultations with the dietitian, and expedited appointments.

Our Commitment: to support you with our very best professional medical care.
Your Commitment: to try your very best in following the protocols for 6 months.

How it works: you will be determining if this program is for you after your initial visit with the physician. Initial Visit Cost $450.00.

If the answer is YES, you will sign up and pay for the Concierge Program. Your second visit will be scheduled, and you journey to better health will begin! Concierge Program $1,850.

The specifics of the program will be personalized for you.

Included in the Concierge Program (6 months program from you initial visit):
Physicians visits:

  • Initial visit and 3 follow-up visits – total 4 one-on-one appointments;
  • Direct access to a physician’s email;
  • Phone access to physician – up to 6 calls in 6 months;
  • Urgent appointments – guaranteed response in one business day..


  • Initial visit and 1 follow-up visit – total 2 one-on-one appointments;
  • Dietary analysis and consultation with personalized nutrition recommendations including a visual breakdown of your food habits;
  • 1 month food-log monitoring, with communication via HIPPA compliant app, including customized 12 meals plan per week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack recipes;
  • Phone access to dietician – up to 3 calls in 6 months.

Brain Health Program recommended for: Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, traumatic injuries, and memory loss.

Optional: Because of our physicians’ success with these treatments, we are involved in research programs. If you are willing to be a part of these researches, your treatment success will be documented, and data collected for publication. As a thank you, you will receive our ‘tea of the month’ for 6 months.

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