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Casey NachtriebCasey Nachtrieb

Casey Nachtrieb, registered clinical herbalist: creating medical herbal teas and products, focusing on the prevention of disease, specializing in toxicology

Casey Nachtrieb is the founder and owner of The Bamboo Tea Company. She received a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Science and Biology and a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University in 2007. Nachtrieb continues her education through Seroyal International Inc. where she is currently pursuing advanced treatments in oncology and toxicology.
A registered clinical herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, Nachtrieb has been practicing naturopathic and Chinese medicine for 13 years. Leveraging the power of homeopathy, thermal imaging, bio therapeutic drainage, Chinese and botanical herbology, German biological remedies and tongue/pulse diagnosis, Nachtrieb creates medical herbal teas and products that focus on disease prevention.