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Complementary and alternative medicine helps patients achieve their optimal state of body, mind and spirit through natural means. Holgistic combines personalized functional, integrative, holistic and traditional medical practices to design a tailored, cohesive wellness plan.

At many hospitals, clinics or other healthcare facilities, patients can feel like they’re only treated as customers. That is not the health care experience they receive at Holgistic. When patients walk into the Holgistic wellness center, they immediately notice a new standard in patient care, entering a warm, caring and nurturing environment.

We are a team of healthcare specialists working together to develop programs and solutions for chronic ailments, disease prevention and optimum well-being. At Holgistic, we combine our physicians’ extensive medical training with specialized lab tests and a thorough holistic assessment to identify the root cause of health issues and design a comprehensive wellness protocol tailored to address each patient’s individual needs. Our medical professionals treat patients by considering all issues, both simple and complex, related to their individual health and well-being.

Maintaining optimal health is an ongoing journey. Let us work with you to create a road map to your better health.


We are dedicated to helping patients take control of their well-being by empowering them with knowledge and encouraging them to be involved in the care and healing process. We are steadfast in our patient-centric beliefs and our success is based upon our patients’ long-term good health.


Holgistic is a one-stop wellness provider offering services, treatments and solutions in the centrally located community of Royal Oak, just 30 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Our team of experts in personalized, integrative and naturopathic medicine integrate established Eastern and Western knowledge, insight and therapies using a unique comprehensive approach.

High-definition diagnostic testing as well as individualized teas and tinctures work hand-in-hand to enhance health and wellness needs. Many patients suffering from chronic diseases, constant pain and undiagnosed dietary issues turn to Holgistic for brain health, pain management, dietary control, herbal treatment and hormone balance strategies after feeling failed by conventional medicine.

They are appalled by the cold and rushed feel of traditional medical practices and often experience undesirable side effects from the many drugs they are prescribed.

Holgistic patients spend more than one hour at their first doctor visit. At every step in our relationship, we provide our patients with informative self-care techniques to empower them to take control of their health.

At Holgistic, we are steadfast in being patient-centric. Our success is based upon our patients’ long-term good health.


Holgistic’s comprehensive team of traditional and holistic healthcare professionals:

Holgistic has assembled a team of traditional and holistic healthcare professionals that is unique to southeastern Michigan. While independent practitioners with successful practices, they have chosen to be a part of this life-changing practice that not only provides personalized care and promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also leads, educates and helps patients take control of their own health.

They combine extensive traditional and holistic medical training, customized lab tests, specialty treatments and holistic assessment to identify the root cause of symptoms and devise wellness plans that target these underlying causes instead of masking symptoms.

DR. MICHAEL ZIELINSKIIntegrative Medicine Physician
Dr. Michael Zielinski specialized in integrative medicine, Alzheimer’s and chronic diseases. He graduated cum laude from Oakland University with a degree in biology before attending Michigan College of Osteopathic Medicine.


DR. VICTORIA MODICANaturopathic Medicine Physician
Dr. Modica is a licensed naturopathic physician, specializing in prevention, management and reversal of chronic illnesses, including heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and memory/cognitive diseases.


CASEY NACHTRIEBRegistered Clinical Herbalist
Casey Nachtrieb , registered clinical herbalist: creating medical herbal teas and products, focusing on the prevention of disease, specializing in toxicology, and is the founder of The Bamboo Tea Company.


BRIANA GREENLEERegistered Dietitian Nutritionist
Briana Greenlee is a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in autoimmune disorders, eating behavior, digestive health, cellular recovery and kitchen readiness.


ODETTE BAKER, CMACertified Medical Assistant
Odette Baker is a certified medical assistant, specializing in thermal imaging and cold laser therapy (THOR).


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Karen R Todorov
Being able to walk down to the lake without pain to play with my grandchildren means the world to me. Thor low level laser therapy gave me the relief from pain I needed…
Karen R Todorov
Leslie Pardo
I suffer from migraines that cause light sensitivity and aura, including seeing flashing lights. Holgistic treated me with single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation. During the treatment, I did not feel any discomfort and my migraine quickly went away without needing to take any pills.
Michael Layne
After entering my mid-sixties and still working out every day, I was looking for a new approach to managing my well-being, and I found it at Holgistic.